Investigator and Trial Site Facilitation Services

So, you’re good at your craft and love what you do…and you have heard about clinical research and wanted to explore the opportunities and contribute to the clinical research field…but you wonder, “Where do I begin?” EthosExcel can help you identify PI opportunities and assist you in ensuring you and your staff members are fully prepared for opportunities you may have already identified.

EthosExcel offers the following Investigator and Trial Site Facilitation Services to help free you to focus on what you do best-take care of patients, yet also receive valuable support to enable to be successful in the conduct of clinical trials.

  • Referrals to Relevant Studies – our studies span many therapeutic areas. We learn about your experience and preferences and work to find the best clinical trial fit for your investigative interests.

  • Clinical Research Primers & GCP Training – we provide current and appropriate GCP and other relevant systems and tools training that your staff needs to conduct efficient clinical trial. We also provide annual GCP training and relevant updates. You and our staff site are informed and empowered with the latest technological know-how!

  • Clinical Trials Process Training/Overview – we make sure you understand the overall process and expected timelines of the various stages of Investigators’ involvement in the clinical trial process. A great feature, especially for newer Investigators.

  • Standardized Site SOPs – you will receive (if needed) a complete set of investigative site SOPs as well as relevant updates, when you become a part of our investigator network.

  • Assistance with Site Coordinator Staffing – we help with clinical trial staffing infrastructure if needed. Our site coordinators are strategically-selected in geographically diverse locations.

  • Assistance with Patient Recruitment – EthosExcel assists your site with Trial Materials Assessment, Trial Operations Support, Community Marketing and Support to help achieve your patient recruitment goals.

  • Facilitation & Coordination of Regulatory Docs – our seasoned monitors and document specialists make sure you understand the whats and whys of regulatory documents and facilitate collection at required intervals.

  • Site Pre-Qualification & Initiation Pre-Calls or Visit – we conduct a mock Pre-qualification or Initiation visit or call so that you know what to expect when actual visits occur. Our newer Investigators find these to be useful.

  • Contract Negotiations & Management – we take the mystery out of contract negotiations and management of your site-specific requirements while facilitating all contact with your sponsor client.