Diversity Consulting

EthosExcel can help you recruit and retain diverse populations that are currently under-represented. EthosExcel partners with trial sponsor companies, CROs, recruitment and retention vendors and IRBs to improve the overall recruitment and retention of diverse populations in clinical trials through:

  • Protocol Review
  • Trial Materials Assessment
  • Trial Operations Support
  • Community Marketing and Support
  • Investigator Recruitment
  • Sponsor and Investigator Diversity Training

Protocol Review – We work with sponsors to ensure that inclusion and exclusion criteria and trial procedures don’t inadvertently create barriers to enrollment or to the compliance of study participants.

Trial Materials Assessment – We work with clinical trial teams to ensure that materials are written in ways that are culturally appropriate and that materials use wording that is less likely to be misinterpreted or “politically incorrect.”

Trial Operations Support – We work with sponsors, CROs and site staff to create flexible trial operations models that improve clinical trial compliance and to create trial processes that will reduce or eliminate clinical trial compliance barriers.

Community Marketing and Support – We work with sponsors, CROs, investigators and potential investigators to develop comprehensive trial awareness campaigns. We understand general marketing as well as grassroots community organization and know how to reach and effectively work with various levels of community and professional gatekeepers.

Investigator Recruitment – We maintain a database of and recruit new investigator sites in order to bring more diverse populations into clinical trials and to add to the diversity of key opinion leaders.

Sponsor and Investigator Diversity Training – We work with sponsors, CROs and/or site personnel on and increase understanding of the constraints and differences that may affect enrollment and retention of culturally diverse clinical trial participants.